Bubble and Spark

Frost or steam
The flickering flame
of a dream dance.
Dinky little steps.
piano keys.
All these-
Universes when gone.
Relative heat.
Seasons and feelings
bubble and spark.
of bare existence
over emptiness.
If anything is forever,
it is nothing that lasts.

25 thoughts on “Bubble and Spark

  1. ha….a conundrum of truth in that last two lines….dreams come and go and change and morph and few really make it into something that is permenant but…i like the progression in this too from the piano to universes to bubbles and sparks…those last two certainly less permanent…

  2. Contrasts
    of bare existence
    over emptiness…i like… for me, change is what i feel most here and some of it we can influence with our choices, others not…the flickering flame of a dream dance…and we dream on and dance on…

    • That way of thinking reminds me of those who don’t understand how morals can hold up without the concept of God supervising…so who cares? We do! Bah! Can feel myself goin off into a rant! šŸ™‚

    • Not so sure about the sadness of impermanence, change …the last two lines were meant as a conundrum turning on the two contradictory uses of the word nothing. But in the here and Now we obviously have hugely personal choices and changes to make that matter to us, jeez I think my comments longer than the bloody poem! šŸ™‚

  3. That last line–excellent. The ethereal quality of the poem is contrasted by this apparently logical statement which in reality compacts the rest of the poem into a two line conundrum.

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