Earth, the Dress

I don’t see some fastidious god
tirelessly tacking
handsewn stars,
to twinkle in layers
of black taffeta’d night,
eternally perfecting her look.
More some teenage prom queen
whose universe,
in the big bang of a wardrobe search,
lays strewn:
a kaleidoscope of worlds.
And somewhere,
small and blue,
Earth, the dress she was looking for.

28 thoughts on “Earth, the Dress

  1. God is therefore young, full of energy, ready to party… Love that. Every piece of your poem fell into place. Clear, although with a deeply mysterious twist to it.

  2. Brian, the structure is very, very subtle here, but it’s a really good poem – the best poems take a metaphor and carry it out through the verses like an inevitability.

    • I hope “very,very subtle” isn’t a generous euphemism for non-existent! Cos despite my fondness for Hopkins my rhythms can sometimes tend closer to the oversprung than the sprung.

  3. Hiya, sorry I’m a little late with my comment:
    I went back in dverse to try and find out why Eliot’s Preludes are supposedly free verse.
    Then I arrived here and can’t see how I missed your delicious concoction.
    Such perception of female frenzy looking for just the right garment.
    And all dressed up in cosmic silk

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