Lonelinesses Gawp

Lonelinesses gawp,
slack-jawed and rawly
through the bars
of our civilised minds.
Sad-eyed savages
fed on fear and dreamless sleep.
had you seen
these solitudes
in freedom,
pre-zoo days,
they were magnificent beasts
roaming grasslands of desire,
dusting up dirt in pursuit of prey
tearing live flesh apart.
Not in search of union
but in celebration
of every solipsistic cell
in this separate universe.

18 thoughts on “Lonelinesses Gawp

  1. Yes! I see this when I gaze at these creatures in their cages. This is sad yet you say it so beautifully, with respect for the creature, once magnificent in his own right. And I bow in respect as well…and sadness. Thank you for this …can we then be better stewards of our bestial friends…x

  2. Solipsistic, who, me? No, you are. Wait, I don’t believe in you :D! I once asked my cousin if she thought Facebook fed solipsism and she replied no, because it forces us to remember that there are other people in the world. I’m not sure any electronic media can do that, based as it is around our entertainment and image generation. Very nicely done!

  3. The whole is potent, but these lines strike me particularly: through the bars
    of our civilised minds

    Too often our freedom depends on the enslavement of others… Is it too late for humankind to come to a proper understanding of what it means to be civilized?

  4. When I was taken to the zoo as a child I felt the imprisonment of the wild creatures there for our education and I was uncomfortable with it. This was my world …. where was theirs? We no longer need these animal prisons. In film we can start to appreciate the animals in their envoronment given to us by those that love them.

  5. Awesome Brian….we get trapped sometimes without realising it….live in a free world, but how much of it is really free? Trapped by work, money, mortgages, bills, tax….and there’s no easy way out of the game- if only we could go back to those pre- zoo days……like this SO much

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