Love Finds its’ Way

Love finds its’ way
through back-street bins
overflowing with yesterdays
dinners, over paper-trailed
pavements and dogshit;
through alleys badly lit
in the full glare
of trafficjammedcars and blaring horns
on mad motorways,
it jostles pavement-stacked crowds,
pushes grannies to the ground,
elbowing ahead of those too slow
to care or know the touch of love
is not an air-brushed dream,
but a stiletto stuck to the gutted hilt
of a beat-held heart,
and breathlessly screams
it is not the scent of apple –blossom on the porch
but the violent mugging of an unsuspecting drunk.

17 thoughts on “Love Finds its’ Way

  1. ha..pavements and dogshit made me smile..they just don’t seem to care..different priorities and a more relaxed way on looking at things..not so relaxed when it comes to traffic though..wouldn’t want to drive a car through paris..

  2. a violent mugging…great way to put it brian…nice mash up as well of the traffic jammed cars….you df give us a feel of place in this…papered pavements and dogshit…oh my…smiles.

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