No Echo of Trees

Straight, and faintly
stroking the landscape:
all leg and neck,
staves of sheet music,
wading the lake’s studied calm.
Then, hedgerows crossed out
by insistent unused lanes.
My eyes skate
the shaded windscreen glass
another passing pine
lashes the sky
an opened gate
hyphenates a fence.
manifest behind closed eyes:
the gaps resonate,
sounds and ciphers
to times roadside ditch.
and description switch.
I look again, past the driver:
the outer world reveals no gaps where things are not,
no echoes of trees on desolate moor,
and then close
to confirm what’s written ,composed;
view the spaces which fashion the language
and know everything is where it isn’t.

8 thoughts on “No Echo of Trees

  1. So if you know it isn’t where it is and is where it isn’t, do you know where it is?..haha

    Great depth to your verse, truly brings thoughts about and is alive with emotion from beginning to end, nicely done.

  2. perfectly fine tuned poetry, well sought sentiments.

    How is your day?

    Glad to land here,
    Amazing poetic muses shared,

    Welcome joining us for poets rally week 57,
    A random poem or a free verse is okay.
    Hope to see you in.

    Happy Thursday.

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