Where some dogs
sometimes go sunny-side
my dog always pisses
at the same dark pole.
He aims for
the same familiar scent
of the regiment of
past days
poured out of him.
And once found
the old hound commences.
The micturition a Madeleine-
a glimmer of fool’s gold
in the gloom.
And I stand waiting for him to finish,
envious of the man across the road.



8 thoughts on “Unipolar

  1. you may should cut the pole down…ugh… what i want to say.. it sometimes needs powerful forces that get us out of our routine… great metaphor here…works excellently…and made me think what my poles are..

  2. Ha! I know exactly how you feel, having a dog who will not always walk in the sun. A very clever post and poem, with a definite undercurrent. K.

  3. I’m glad I now know micturition. So that’s what my dog’s been doing all this time! There’s a grittiness to the tone and telling that I like a lot. Once stay close to that voice that cuts away the bullshit and tells it like it is.

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