First Course

I could have told you
of the familiarity of the spoon
in the soup:
of my welling sadness
in seeing the handle skate the surface.

And you could have told me
of what has not been lost:
of the submerged bowl
and it’s unforgotten potential.

I could have told you
that form and function
are still understood
in the milky colloid of the recent past,
but that the spoon stops being a spoon.

I could have told you
of the strange melancholy of literalism

and I could have told you
how the memory of soup
refuses the ink of the spoon,

and I would have told you this
if it was my hand on the pen of the spoon,
and not yours, stirring.



27 thoughts on “First Course

  1. Very moving internal dialogue of a relationship trying to hold together what is lost, and even acknowledging the denial of what is lost, and denying the acknowledgement of power lost.

    • I nursed dementia suffering people for 12years and was painfully aware of the struggle to communicate and understand our experiences. I deliberately chose plain simple words with slightly odd sentence construction to try to convey what’s lost and what is not but perhaps hidden…thank you for your perceptive reading.

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  3. This is immensely thought-provoking. Really makes you think about life, its complexities and simplicities. It’s ups and downs. It’s beginnings and ends. Really great piece. Just wonderful.

  4. Brian – I too have spent years caring for those with dementia. It is a world of mazes and mirrors is it not?
    I appreciate your heart for those who have had so much and lost it!
    It really is wonderful to encounter thought provoking art. I believe it comes from an intuitive poet

  5. Brought back painful yet loving memories of my mom and some caretaker responsibilities…brought tears to my eyes. Sentient, simple language. Thank you, for sharing this.

  6. Thanks for coming to view my writing. Glad you did or I would not have seen this one. I think it is very moving and thought provoking with a pace that seems perfect for the subject matter nd the overall flow. I also love the idea that the photo is after the writing as I never thought about doping that. The photo does not distract when reading and is the perfect second course. Well done. Brian

    • It was my good lady , Susie, who put me on to your site, and I’m glad she did, I still get a wee frisson when I see decent writing in previously unvisited places. So thank you, too, Brian.

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