The Rattlebag

For the young, the sound
of marbles rattling in a bag
elicits the clack
of boiling sweets slid
between tongued enamel
and wettened gums.

For dads, for mums,
some rattling lid
or paradiddling drums.

And for grans and grandads
whose falsers tango
in bedside glasses
if heard, the rattled bag
would mimic the clack
of the gossiped news
in post-offices as,

it hits the back
of the net of
prejudice confirmed.


7 thoughts on “The Rattlebag

  1. paradiddling drum is just fun to say itself…a bag of marbles makes me think of games long ago…and my son this last year really took a liking to them as well…the clack of gossiped news…nice touch as well.

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