Prayer for Annihilation in Interrupted Space

We don’t even know yet.
We don’t even know,
Zero powers into zero.
The conflation of two nothings.
Two separate nothings.
Grappling with …
Figuring what god thought,
We ought to have an instinct.
For instance
The act of thought birthing existence.
Ex nihilo …
This HereOneNow
Of Nothing divided by Nothing
Where here is,
This universe.
Where Now is,
This pregnant pulsing Now.
This dream of interrupted space.
This magnificence of Love.
This sheer madness of will.
All this matter.
All this death.
All this life.
All of it.
The tide.
Every electron sings.
Help me drown, Lord
And immerse myself.


One thought on “Prayer for Annihilation in Interrupted Space

  1. I really like this poem. The interruption of space, being matter, and does it all matter. The yin and the yang, the zero and infinity. The pregnant pulsing now. So full of possibility, of birth, of life, of death. Love it!

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