On Botero’s After Velazquez, 2005

Bike pumps for brushes
puffing the flesh.
Big sofas of folk
bursting the canvas.

I swear I saw
Beryl Cook supping
tea with Velazquez,
with her rattling on as he snored.

And as he dozed, he dreamed
of las Meninas,
of mirrors and light and elusiveness,
of the humanity of paint.

And she extrapolated her theories
of big-bummed bathing beauties,
of eating cakes in corner cafés,
of comfiness and cuddles.

On her next date
she was seen, with
Fernando Botero
enthusiastically taking notes,
His eyes gleaming
with Abu Ghraib.

Bike pumps for brushes it is, then.



7 thoughts on “On Botero’s After Velazquez, 2005

  1. hehe i like…yes lets trade them in…some really fine lines and some grins along the way…nice abu ref as well, and works fine in relation to their conversation….

  2. Terrific piece, Brian. I will never look
    at bike pumps the same way ever again,
    and “bike pumps for brushes” is the
    perfect simile.

  3. Oh, I really appreciated your adding the photo at the end so that my imagination drew her from your descriptions. Really masterful poem.

    “the humanity of paint” is probably the best term for his work that anyone has made.

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