How Not to Listen to Music

Mass Shadow Lung.

Three words rung out
in polished tones,
Mass Shadow Lung.

Three slabs to lay
and crush my bones,
Mass Shadow Lung.

Lead pearls fire
from his pitiless tongue,
Mass Shadow Lung.

Though most were lost,
but three words clung,
Mass Shadow Lung.

The room spun round,
it’s sober hues sung,
Mass Shadow Lung.

The bass line boomed
it’s Tombstone Blues,
Mass Shadow Lung


30 thoughts on “How Not to Listen to Music

  1. great beat to this brian…a piece of music in itself…the booming bass line…tombstone blues.. very cool..and love the title.. reminds me of some music my son listens to every once and a while..

  2. Oh dear. I can imagine that if heard those words at a doctor’s that is all that would cling to me as well, weighing me done. The heavy beat works well, and one can imagine the spin in the brain. K.

    • The three word mantra, appeared on a journey home on the bus from the town centre, perhaps that’s where the beat comes from. The subject matter is just neurotic old me! πŸ™‚

  3. I like repetition in poetry when it’s used effectively and you’ve done it here. I love the brooding beat you’ve got going on. You should do a podcast of this – I think hearing it read would be really cool.

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