If all I had of you was salt

If in preservation of a past you spun
and dwelt on all we were and are
then turned to salt,

and all I had of you was salt,
that salt of your midnight
impregnating my undulant tongue-
tartly soaking
and stabbing with your tang,
searing the sizzled steak
of sweet desire
if I had just salt, sanding
my honeyed fingers,
it’s little crystals flashing,
a gritty glint in sun-blinding light,
I would garner each wild grain
and infuse my pen, a saline drip
to celebrate the unsung
unwhispered beauty of
evaporated you.

If all I had of you was salt
I would still exalt
your looking back-
not a hankering but
a sacrificial gaze at the altar
of preservation and taste.
and know that even then
with simple salt there is a heaven’s grace.


22 thoughts on “If all I had of you was salt

    • Thanks Quirina, considered at one point exchanging salt for tears, which would have given the piece a more disturbing edge but went instead with the more unusual salt and thoughts of Lot and his wife. And the choice seemed to make it a more affectionate piece.

  1. This is a beauty! …it takes the skill and imagination of the poet to turn salt into a work of art. Love the flow and imagry here. A fine piece!

  2. Really enjoyed this. I got the Lot and his wofe image immediately, but you did so much more with the salt imagery. Thanks.

    PS – I stay near Edinburgh. Maybe we could meet up sometime?

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