Small Animal Star

I am a
small animal

I am firewood,
For billions of years,
temporarily blazing,

I eat air.

Give light to the distant,
burn those
who venture near.

I have a magnificence:
in the local heaven of humanity.

My name means something.

Those who don’t know me
call me OGLE-TR-122b.

I am lonely for the multitudes
to experience my warmth.

I am lost in the shape
of the vastness of everything.

And I burn my little way.

When felt,
I feel
truly seen.

I am blind to my own fire.


12 thoughts on “Small Animal Star

  1. Yes! Lovely!
    You can find my Rally 4 Poets entry at:

    I’d like to share another one with you, too, though, since the theme is related to your poem here:

    Oh, and just a thought on your referring to yourself as a “redundant poet” in your profile-”Self-plagiarism is style.” (Alfred Hitchcock).

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