To All the Poets Reading

You finish this.

Have your
eyes pen meaning in;
let the ink seep your soul.

Feel the familiarity of reading
as you learn to know me
and understand accumulations,
the way words layer.

Lay your interpretations on mine
like warm skins pressed together.

wonder the terrible beauty
of a lost poem,
on first discovery, unauthored,
naked with meaning,
shivering on the highway,
caught in the headlights of your stare.

And contrast
the magnificence of a song
that magnifies within a body of work,
in infinite harmony;
that enters you with quivered surety
and serenades like a familiar stranger.

Take the time
to get
to know,
to understand the you in every poem,
as we nuance into the sunset.


2 thoughts on “To All the Poets Reading

  1. sensitive, intimate, feeling – and really good advice. I hadn’t thought of it that way, but it’s what we do with poets and poetry we truly love, isn’t it?

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