When We Were Grasses and Eyeless

When we were grasses
and eyeless,
winds would whisper our colours
swaying plains of us with impossible blends
of bluish-greens.
But we knew in our unhearing
we did not feel the song.

So we grew eyes and ears
and tongues,
uprooted ourselves into shoes
just to listen and understand
and sing the song of the wind,
whose new sadness
now croons to us
of what we once were,
beautiful and unfeeling.


15 thoughts on “When We Were Grasses and Eyeless

  1. Oh I love this! What a great way to describe choosing to be physical instead of perfect but without experience. Well that is what it means to me and made smile ear to ear.

  2. Wow! You knocked me out with a blade of grass! This is original and beautiful…I count this as one of my favorites of yours that I have read, and one of the best entries this week. Beautiful and unfeeling we once were..love that! Then entire poem! Bravo!

  3. Brian, this is really stunning…really; the best I’ve read in a bit. I don’t know what else to say…haaa. My favourite piece is:
    swaying plains of us with impossible blends
    of bluish-greens.
    I really love the whole thing. Are you writing a book? You would put this in there ; )

    • Have just had a book published by Erbacce-press called A Skinful of Dust, also available from amazon and Waterstones , but if I’m lucky enough to publish again , this would certainly be in it.thanks so much for your reaction, greatly appreciated here.

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