The Nascent Romance of Dulux Paint Charts

Waltzing with a trolley
down the aisles of Homebase, I find

your eyes, your eyes- page 49,
Jade Cluster and Mossy Moor.

Your lipsticked lips are reproduced
as Sumptuous Plum or Summer Coulis.

Your skin, apparently Sorbet splashed
with Toasted Terracotta freckles.

I struggle to find your hair, though,
there being no classification of blacks
to compare with the infinite range of whites
there seems to be. Jesus, Cornflower
Blueberry, Violet, Jade, Nutmeg,
Apple, Almond, Barley,
because white is obviously a shade of nature.

These guys get paid for this.
Selling the nature of paint.

If only they could see
your firelit body flicker,
give colour to the burn inside
the freeing of sweatbeads popping
the Coral Flair would read
Bloodlust Flush or Pinked Desire.

What are the colours
for Wanton Abandon
or Lifelong Love?


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