Maw’s maw, squaw

Ma maw’s maw
nivvir goat hur real name.
She wiz called wherr she lived.
She wiz granny Strayven
til she flitted,
nthen wiz granny Glassfurd

She hud
skin lik leather.
Nwhen she spoke
hir smoky voice
rasped lik a rid indian.
She wiz
hawf deef an aye laffin.

In her eighties
nstiyin it ma maws wahnce,
she hud
oor jaws drap
watchin Equus oan the telli.
Seein Peter Firth’s cock
she chuckled
“jings! That’s FIERCE!”
and chiynjed ma teen perceptions o her
jist lik that.


8 thoughts on “Maw’s maw, squaw

  1. Until this morning, I couldn’t do a Glasgow accent if you paid me or even fooled me into thinking my voice was that clever. Today, I read this out loud, and I heard Rennie MacIntosh traipsing past my tongue like he was dancing over it. Okay, maybe Rennie with an American accent…

  2. I could go all Krankies on you – but I’m no gonnae dae that. That would be taking it too far. Love it, Brian – and I didn’t need a translation, even though I stay close by the east coast 🙂

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