Meet Me at My Afferent Edges


Holy O!
Holy O of Nothing!

O! Moon-womb!

O! Warm-water pearl!
O! Globe of Infinite universe!

O! infinity bending,
by the sweet curve of everything!

O! Perfect gravity!
O! the endless worlds of hearts and heads!
O! The bubbling of sub-atomic spheres!

The quantum popping of ideas.
The embodiment of endlessness!
Found in all we experience:
In the opening and closing of eyes,
Outwardly and inwardly!

Meet me at my afferent edges,
Where elements encounter me!
Meet me in celebration,
Where we live in our bodies,
Where we Exist at the meat of us!
Where every cogniscent muscle remembers
In here, out there,
In the Eternal moments of evanescent light,
In the Perpetual night of luminescent Dark Matter!
O! Warm-water pearl.
O! Globe of infinite universe.
Infinitesimal and transcendental.


10 thoughts on “Meet Me at My Afferent Edges

  1. haha well i like your mad rush brian…i would love to hear this performed man…you O!s are awesome…where we meet in the meat or as the meat of us…ha…i like….very well done and entertaining man…

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