We are All Scheherazade

We are all Scheherazade,
telling stories to preserve our lives.
Forging sense from nonsense.
Making universes fit.

But we are many in the guise of one.
This I, this multiplicitous I
desires a simple narrative
by one who experiences

on that which is experienced,
and as the eye turns inwards,
like a sub-atomic particle,
the nature of the self is changed.

There are infinite mes.


26 thoughts on “We are All Scheherazade

  1. Well put, Brian – and I do agree with you about the “infinite mes.” The Scheherazade comparison was a fine touch, and I liked this particularly:

    as the eye turns inwards,
    like a sub-atomic particle,
    the nature of the self is changed.

    • I’d started off thinking of our need to organise every aspect of experience into some sensible structure…our need for sense… When Scheherazade popped into mind…

  2. inifinite mes…hmmm…kinda hoping not, haha…really love the opening…the telling of stories to me is such a part of life…it is giving life to to the moments that need meaning you know…

  3. We write to make sense of our selves and the world around us. Of course- there might be many selves that we encounter along the way- but writing is healing as they say (hey, this wasn’t meant to rhyme- maybe ill post it for #oln!) nice descriptive verse- and the sentiment is defo one I agree with (if I’ve got it right!)

    • Yes to the writing to make sense of Self, but also to our need for structure in everything, our need to categorise , anthropomorphise, establish chronology etc…think of the films we see with scenes shown out of chronological sequence and our inability to remember the story except chronologically. It’s the need for story, even when it comes to ones own character/characters

    • The last line.. It’s the impossibility to see the thing you are looking for when it is the very thing you use to try and find it! You see fragments, but only of experiences or memories bundled together and called I .

  4. Hi Brian,
    Thank you for this poem. I agree we all living the stories which in turn change the very people we are and write the stories we are telling. Hope I have got it right 🙂


    • That is certainly a huge part of it…but also the NEED for structure and sense and the compulsion to order including the stories of self, creating our own mythologies and character. 🙂

    • I wasn’t trying to imply that the examination of self produces a Hawthorne Effect, although it probably temporarily does , more that when you self examine enough you become aware of the constant flux which is always there anyway. But yeah , sub-atomic particles , don’t you love the little buggers! 🙂

    • And Thanks , thanks , thanks…. For the read and the visit Laura, jumped to your site and was looking at your pictures of the fern springing to life from its cocoon… Wonderful piece…

  5. I wonder if Google will see a spike in the hits for “Scheherazade” after this :). Somehow the word just LOOKS like something unknown – even if you’re familiar with her. 🙂

    Nicely written!

  6. This certainly makes sense…order is certainly sought and the antitode to chaos. Yet things change and evolve constantly…and we must recognize that change is the constant, and everything else is the variable. I do like this poem….and I see also, seven veils falling away one by one..a deconstruct which may as orderered as the construct, perhaps.

    • I think the need to order is deep-wired into us, even towards constructing personalities for ourselves… And for all this construction going on , it’s a wonder we ever get to understand each other, Jackie!

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