Funfair Nightspark


burning moths

(Multi-coloured bulbs
flash past,

yelling their fears to laughter.

twitching in the creaking
of greased-up machinery.

Rusting 1950s iron
pushed to its whirling limits.


Where age-old fun
gets spun

for a week
before it has to leave town,

once you hit
your teenage peak,

You gotta go!

The funfair, the nightspark,

it is what we think we once were.


25 thoughts on “Funfair Nightspark

  1. Rawk-aaand-roooooooll!, nice…

    what we think we once were. ha. yeah at times…nice textures of the fair you picked up in this…i think it does remind me a bit of the magic of anything possible at the fair…

  2. yelling fears to laughter.. yep…fun fairs can work as kind of an outlet for piled up teenage emotions..loved to go there with my classmates – always felt a bit like two kinda unreal worlds met…and we were…and sometimes are still.. good write brian

    • I think there’s a better piece to be written playing on the irony of youngsters magnetised to the excitement of the funfair which is creaking with age and expectation, but thanks for the vote of confidence ! 🙂

  3. yeah, I used to go to the fair all the time in the summer when I was in HS. Seems like every weekend in the summer had a fair or two going on and then the big one at the end. Really like the way you went with the prompt. Great job. Thanks

    • I was a bit of a scared kid, attracted to the funfairs by the music and lights but frightened of the scarier rides, liked the sideshows like shooting or coconut shies and the dodgems

  4. Very thought-provoking piece… especially like this part-

    The funfair, the nightspark,
    it is what we think we once were

    • Thanks Laurie, seemed to roll out a bit on seeing the prompt but only kicked in nearer the end… I think the idea was better than the write but had fun doin it 🙂

  5. “The funfair, the nightspark,
    it is what we think we once were.”

    Love this, it so accurately expresses the heat and spark of the fair’s festival and it’s proximity to at least how we remember being.

  6. Excellent closing line–I love your spin (no pun intended) on the prompt. My fair experience was so much more grounded; I think I would have been enamored with your fair…

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