Shucking the Husk of Cuntwant

Shucking the husk of cuntwant
in arseclung, gutgrabbed needseek.
Lava-clad legs erupt and spurt,
the cum-wind huffing lungwards.
A rain-drizzled cockshower.
Surewant lies fuckburst
in sweat stuck ecstasy.

Cling me lovelorn, me cuntsprung
In soak-sucked sea spray of clit-kindled fire.
Lay unlatched, lie lustcracked,
the reddened wet flesh cries-
the wantwantwanting.

Feel fingerstretched sheets
heft you headlong, haul bedlong,
needling you fucksewn
and skinless.

Shove you gentle
warmwet with lust,

Now, and now again.


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