Fishing Trip

spiny, jarred knees
edging up
the wet ledge.
Awkward angler
on the cup’s cusp.
Legs jitterbugging,
scraping up,

And slip.

Spider in the briny
sea of my tea.


19 thoughts on “Fishing Trip

  1. Fishing at sea is a total pain in the arse….I go fishing down in Cornwall every year- every year the same- its awkward and I get sea sick…but for some reasoning loveit and I keep going back! And this great pen reminded me so well of it… Short, fantastic word choices so well put together….

  2. What a picture you paint. Fishing where you live must be a sight better than here. It’s 108 degrees today and I don’t want to be anywhere near still water or moving water either for that matter!

  3. Poor little thing. One slip and it’s all over. So often it seems this is the way with humans also. Sometimes spiders and humans don’t get second chances!

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