We Sleep-walked in Cemeteries of Neglect


We sleep-walked
in cemeteries of neglect,
where soot was the common factor
binding us to buildings
to their knees
by the imposition
of successive fogs,
where industrial chimneys
dirty profit daily
down our throats,
and anytime,
for a reminder,
you could look up
to see who the city’s God was,
and watch the rusting skeletal hull
of the gasometer seep through the smog:
a tombstone awaiting names.


6 thoughts on “We Sleep-walked in Cemeteries of Neglect

  1. dang man….love the opening few lines…then you really get into the grit…also th looking up to know who the city’s god was…makes me think of a few places i had been…some cities it is the sky scrapers where they sit looking back…

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