Ah went lookin
fur ma voice,
the wiy it sounds,
an fun it in ma heid.
Nlike aw fun things
twuz in thi last place ah lookt,
so Ah tried tae shift it.

transcribin it
is a delibirit
nfalsifyin yersel
oan a page
is wahn hing,
lettin it sit
in yer heid,
nhuv it yelp
at yer translatin hauns

Bein true tae thi innirvoice
withoot betrayin thi
naychur o thi written wurd
jist cannae be done
oan paper…
yer kiddin yerself oan.
Marshall McLuhan knew whit
he wiz oan aboot.
He wiz jist bloody lucky
he didnae sound lik this.
Oriffi did,
he kept bloody quiet aboot it.

The writin’s wahn thing.
Speekinz anither.

As big a difrinz atween
sayin it n daein it.


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