Summer coming in

It was a hot May.

Brits burned
like undercooked sausages.
Pricked skins pinked.

Sweat-popped beads
bubbled, glinted
down glistened backs,
rivulets trickled
arse cracks.

Its’ rays lanced and braised,
sizzled the summer’s
halcyon air,
grilling desire
to half-baked indifference.


31 thoughts on “Summer coming in

  1. Ha, this made me smile… I was thinking today how summer started too early, and now, in August, we are having temps like autumn. Not complaining though… gorgeous weather. Love your ending!

  2. everything in this write screams summer even if you hadnt titled it so……nice !
    its weird really how humid summer noons …the whirring of ceiling fans ….fans desire….inexplicable really….the logic behind it….

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