Clang! A far-off church bell sounds.
Clang! It ripples Sunday waters.
Clang! It beckons hats and gloves.
(Clang!) It drifts the downwind.

Calling Clang! above the treetops.
(Clang!) A contrabass to birdsong.
(….. ) One missed its echoes filling.
Clang! It peels the silence.

Clang! It forges out reminders
Clang! It steels the faithful, coming
Clang! The last great industry
of Scotland, bangs its futile drum.


7 thoughts on “Bellwork

    • Much appreciated reading… It had lain for a few weeks with just the first half written and had just the pastoral feel to it… Eventually caught on the insistence and the irritation of the repetition and found the hook to link the banging of the steel to a feeling of loss, mourning old industry … Glad you stopped by.

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