Losing Molly

you sit and lap water
and stare slow,
and sup again,
and then, stopped,
seem to be caught up in
pitiful nothing.

the illness
has depleted you,
and left your fur
and coat-hanging bones
to coil away
in the hidden junk of our house.

you get held
as a loving pill-giver
drops chemical bombs
at the bookends of this long day.
and we flip for whats killing you,
the illness or the cure.

And as I feel your little heart trill,
and you sink, unsteadily into
the heat of my hand.

I weigh the mental processes
of you, just giving up.



22 thoughts on “Losing Molly

    • Molly has had hyperthyroidism for the past wee while, but for 6 or 7 days she hadn’t eaten… I suspect the vet giving her a too high dose of atenolol did not help…. We’ve been nursing her since getting her back on Saturday and she seems to have gotten some of her appetite back….but yes Gillian , losing a loved animal is gut wrenching…family is what they are.

  1. i have a cat about the same age…she is starting to really show a struggle and i know hard times are coming for our family as she has been a mainstay throughout the life of my boys…sorry man

  2. As one who loves cats and shares a home with my lovely Garbo, I feel for you, Brian. Molly is loved, has a warm caring family…this is what counts. So sorry for your pain.

  3. Aww Brian – so hard to let these precious ones go, I know … and they do seem to deteriorate and rally a few times before they’re ready to give it up … sending kind thoughts and a peaceful end for your sweet kitty your way.

  4. oh, this touched my heart. we have an 18-year-old cat, who, quite honestly, i can’t believe is still hanging on. it’s so hard to watch them struggle as they age, may you have more time with her.

  5. oh, we’ve just gone through this with our cat nefi… and she is miraculously recovering, but not completely… still have to give her meds for a new infection. So hard when they become skin and fur and bones, the flesh disappearing, the heart beating slow… I hope your kitty will recover too.

  6. I had to say goodbye to one of my faithful companions right before Thanksgiving. When I returned to a suddenly quiet house, the first thing I did was wash all of those medications down the drain. Then I sobbed, wishing it had all been a little different. This poem made a direct hit. *hugs*

  7. Oh…this New Scotland heart is bleeding! You are an amazing word weaver…but I honestly have too many tears right now to comment…I’m mocked in my house for such things…this is going to be tough to explain! Sending love, light and prayers!

  8. Aww… this reminds me of the time a cat I one had almost died. When we moved, he went ballistic and stopped eating. I had to force feed him through a syringe. I hope your cat is okay.

  9. …sorry for the loss… i know the feeling…just last year i lost my cat too.. i had her for almost 5 years and really difficult to move on when you have someone that long and close to your life… smiles…

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