Poetream 1.

On a carpet of grass,
the legs
of my table, sturdy trunks.
Elephant legs of tree.
The writing surface,
moistened birthing earth.

I write with
my pulsing index finger.
I feel
me rooting
through the floor.

The walls of the writing
room become opaque.
Warm natural light
swims into
the place.

I look
at what I’ve written.
I love it
but do not understand.

I feel a
satisfaction as it settles,
back into the underworld
where it is
an unborn baby,
at home and understood.


19 thoughts on “Poetream 1.

  1. I’m afraid I’m lost. Tream? dream?
    Satisfaction when something half -formed sinks into oblivion?
    In the sure knowledge it will redurface and give you another chance?
    Maybe that is where we differ 🙂

    • Did I imply half-formed? I thought more, loving but not understanding. A recognition of something that exists beyond language, and like the after feel of a numinous experience the grace of having experienced a revelation…a knowledge of having given words to the wordless… Ach look what you’ve done, making me go all mystical 🙂

  2. There’s something sometimes in what we don’t say. And this isn’t just about scratching that itch on paper with your pen Brian, really? You had an epiphany in the key of silence major? Leave it at that 😉

  3. First about the typos: durface sounds like someone’s expression when they are embarrassed. I think you should OWN that word in another poem. It’s an unintended small miracle.

    Love the idea of sinking back into the womb of this earth, this reality, of surfacing when it’s time. Haven’t read you in a long while, Brian. Peace, Amy

  4. I’ll have a pint of what he’s having 😉
    I look
    at what I’ve written.
    I love it
    but do not understand.
    If that doesn’t happen everytime I write, I am obviously doing something wrong.

  5. Words do seem to arrive and depart to and from some magical, mysterious place. It disturbs me when the words appear, but I don’t have the time or the implement to record them. There is a relationship between “understood” and “not understand” that I felt you could have teased out a little more. Nice. Thanks.

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