Poets strive to miss
the truths
where words sit

the once familiar
is now, oddly,

by the moonjune bind.

Uttered nonsense.

Sometimes I long for the rhymes
of a foreign language.


18 thoughts on “Uttering

  1. There are a couple of things goin on in this piece, …partly about our obsession with saying things beautifully, and beauty being just part of the truth, …and partly on how our language conditions us to think and therefore rhyme, thus the wish for other, foreign, ways of expression.

  2. I used to have trouble accepting ‘prettily’, but ‘uglily’ takes the cake.
    Yes, me too: I have been trying to find a musical style, never mind what about. Something like vowels in a certain pattern.

  3. I’ve never felt the compulsion to learn poetic form or fashion so there’s nothing to unlearn…grateful for this. Which comes first? the words or the insight? By the way…I thought you said “moonjune bird” ….had me going there.

    • I used to worry about not exercising myself enough on classic forms, but the more I write, the more I understand the rhythm and beat of my own stuff. Which comes first… Usually the words for me, initially, and the insights get nailed in there as the thing progresses.

      • Language has always been difficult for me….deciphering insights that baffle linear thought. It pours out..I keep running to catch up…tongue twisted and happy for the dialogue.
        I really like listening to music in another language…very expressive, apply immediately without cultural interpretation….! I get your point about poetry.
        Thanks for the dialogue.

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