Berlin, first impressions

The urban planning of allied bombs
has pummelled out an airiness
onto the face of Berlin.

And where the Wall once was-
a bloodless Schmiss:
that unfinished autobahn
has glassy fingered brash buildings
rising, glinting, mirroring
who we see us as now.

A tramp has shat himself
outside Hilfiger’s,
and the sewers are throwing up along Ku’damm.

Yet the shoppers shop.
Glitzy young girls
with steely-haired men
breezing into Bulgari,
gladly shedding cash-
it’s every old man for himself now.

And as they grab their Great Freedoms
they forget they are giants
standing on the shoulders
of unfortunate dwarves.


5 thoughts on “Berlin, first impressions

    • I think , because of it’s history, and especially since re-unification, there is a brashness to the capitalism on display, which struck me as more naked and honest than that displayed at home in the uk. That being said we found the Berliners to be incredibly welcoming people and especially nice when we tried to speak to them, falteringly and muddled, in their native language.

  1. I chipped my own pieces from the wall. I was so privileged to be there when it fell. I have not returned since, but in a month I am going back and it will be interesting to see if it still has that edgy feeling or as I fear from your words, commercialism is god again.

    • There are many Berlins, I think. There are parts which have a funky, artsy, edge, and other areas where Mammon is indeed worshipped. I will say, however, that the people, as a whole, were amongst the most likeable we have encountered on a holiday. I hope your own visit is a joyful one.

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