Inevitably there will be.

Where little truths sit
sufficiently distant
on our journey,

knowing, in those spaces
will be where we
eventually find ourselves.

And as we are virtually water
and the atoms of us
99.9% nothingness

it is in the gaps

where definition lies.


24 thoughts on “Gaps

  1. interesting philosophy brian…i would agree….i like how you use the fact we are made up of so much water in this…its fluidity fits those gaps nicely…have a great end of the year sir

  2. 99.9% nothingness… and the definition in the gaps… def. makes sense… and i like when we every once and a while discover a bit more of what makes us who we are…

    • That there is, Victoria. Winter, Scotland and current reading material of Monika Wikman’s “Pregnant Darkness” on Alchemy and the rebirth of Consciousness all driving me inwards and upwards! 🙂

  3. Yes Brian – exactly – like the layout of the poem which concretes in the message of the poem. As we say in figure skating – it all happens in the transitions. Why do I think that may be the gap between life and death? Great piece.

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