Millport Seals

Two small isles, a
shouting distance
from shore.

The red strata
flash with the wet spark
of a pelts glint.

not the buoys you thought,
skate on the winter sea,

dipping under,
popping up.

A flotilla of five come
slowly closer
to scrutinise,

then decide
you are nothing
to do with food,

The frozen moment
is broken
as one swims away.

They go back
to being
dots on the water.

Not buoys.


28 thoughts on “Millport Seals

  1. this is not only lovely moment by moment writing, it is also quite a bit how I experience the harbor seals here on the Puget Sound. They seem nearly as curious as I am.

  2. Well..being a beach liver..most of my life..any sea life is an old friend…
    popping up over the shore and gulf…
    And my favorite is dolphins that jump so high…
    and Marlins too….as beach friends2…

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