Green City Progress

My old house, now a small field.
The road, once beside it, field too.

Big green patches of green, sprung haphazardly
so the street reads-

grass, grass, tenement, rubble, grass.

The Luftwaffe, patchwork architects
of the mid-century
fractured town.
Nail houses not new here.

The council banged the final ones in.
Dragged what was left down.
Blew what was left up.

Decades, it took.

New high-rises,
upward aspirations.
Progressively disconnecting us.

“In their innocence they called it Civilisation,
In fact it was the chains of their slavery.”

And we are bulldozing again.


3 thoughts on “Green City Progress

  1. It seems to go on ceaselessly, the bulldozing. Civilization seems like an ongoing recycling. Really nice poem, I enjoy your greens, grasses, patchwork. Also noting how you spaced your stanzas so effectively.

  2. Such a common, if mad, thing, the destruction of community. Progress is in the eye of the beholder, surely. I guess I prefer community over progress.
    Thank you for following my blog.

  3. Beautifully written, especially love that line–Luftwaffe patchwork architects–nice turn on that violence-the juxtaposition of “dragged…down and blew…up” also brilliant. Thank you for the visit and wonderful comment on my poem:-)

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