I caught the blue sea
in a bag,

and in a quiet room
of the house

I poured and filled it
with swirling waters

but then realised

I must

go back
and return with some sky

if I wanted that blueness, complete.


7 thoughts on “Meerarbeit

  1. Very meaningful to me today. Last week we cruised the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea and today the bluish-gray River Seine. We leave for London tomorrow. Will the Thames be blue too? Somehow I doubt it…

    • The Thames will be muddy! Blue sky or no. Do you both pre-plan on your hols for things to do, places to go. I tend to organise ours like a bloomin military campaign. Monday, here,here and here etc. favourite places from our last visit there were bunhill fields… A tiny little graveyard in the middle of the banking district where Blake is buried, Freuds house in North London , and Hampton court palace….hope you both have a great time.

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