A Journey to the Ayr Coast

On the No. 4 bus tae Ayr, escapin’ Glasgow
wi’  blue-haired  pensioners,  the landscape peepin’ past oor weary  gazes.
We enter the toon the planners razed –
let’s bomb sad Kilmarnock.

Let’s text the Taliban
tae decimate the Matalan, scorch
tumbledoon stores wi’ knockdoon prices
where the high street ails wi’ failed retailers.
Buildings, mair listing than listed.
An architectonic Pick-n-mix:
but nae kwik-fix .
The dirty doors o’ Woolworths, ghosts o’ business past
Like a line of broken biscuits, piled-up letters through the glass.
Sixties and seventies architecture
crumblin’ fast, the manky texture o’
closed up shops an’ broken windaes-
a multi-story car-park,                         empty maist days.
Savin’ the viaduct, the auld palace theatre and
the conservative club (an anachronism here).
Even the pubs ur failin’ tae thrive,
the whole toon centre’s a post-war dive.
Ur ye startin’ tae sense or mibbe intuit?
Ah get physically sick jist passin’ through it.

Whit the fuck wur they thinkin’ o’?
Let’s bomb sad Kilmarnock.


5 thoughts on “A Journey to the Ayr Coast

  1. This is fun, Brian. You’ve entrenched me in Scotland–not only the place and architecture, but the nuances of language . I once read a novel written entirely in this dialect and it took me about 30-40 pages to get it and I’m so glad I did because it was delightful…as is your poem.

    • I also read a whole novel in the dialect, but it was Irvine Welsh’s trainspotting and not exactly delightful! And despite being a native speaker it took me about the same 30-40 pages to transform myself into a native reader!

  2. nice….great use of dialect…it adds yet another layer to place…and i think you are the only one that tried that trick…very cool read man….it is def not easy to pull off…

  3. Architects have a lot to answer for.
    In my eyes they are the biggest criminals of the last 100 years.
    They ought to be made to live next to what they throw up for at least a year.
    That might teach them to inflict ‘ugly’ on us all.
    Those towns, their legacy, for which we paid with buildings that should have been listed at the time.
    Any chance of your putting in a soundcloud reading of this?

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