Belief (dream)


in the shadowzone.

Always there.

This wee green thing,

in the corner,
in the dark of me.

I project loneliness onto it.

It hums contentedly.
Not patient. Not waiting. But ever there.

And as I approach, I become it, taking over its’ song.

The world lightens.


4 thoughts on “Belief (dream)

  1. This deserves 5-stars, or an A+, or better yet, just reading it, over and over. “wee and green” just the right image and emphasis – giving so much with so little. Every line is absolutely 100% doing its job. I will read this over and over. Upside down and inside out.
    Thanks Brian for making my day a writer day. A day of deep and light.

    • I was trying to write the way dreams write themselves. Although the process is like dreams in reverse with much chiselling and paring away. Thanks Cindy for your kindness. It warms the heart. :-))

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