Dark Magnets

Stretched on the rack
of dark magnets

Push of creativity
Pull of quietude

Ways of existing

Desirous. Accepting.

The beautiful flux of being.


3 thoughts on “Dark Magnets

  1. I love this! Am wondering if and how this push/pull conflict between your deeply satisfying creative work and the possibility of backing off a bit, or at least being less intense and more spontaneous and accepting of your natural instincts rhythms, might be showing up in recent dreams!!! 🙂 🙂

    • The backing off is a horror!, ha. But I have learned to accept the creativity comes when it comes. I wonder when retirement arrives if I will try to enforce some discipline on my writing hours or whether I will be happier as the spontaneous Amateur.
      P.s. Your recent letter…can I say just as it’s important to note the emotional content at precise moments in dreams, I found myself reacting emotionally to some of your suggestions relating to the little girl and the big dog… I found that immensely helpful, especially with respect to what’s “none of your business” and creativity! A little light went on inside me and I thank you for it.

      • Yes! to the importance of noticing the little sparks of emotion you feel both in dreams and in the associations others might bring to you. The flicker of emotion is your clue that there’s meaning in this for you, and the more you notice it, the more meaningful your life becomes. This is pretty much what is meant by befriending your Anima: paying attention to your deepest, most honest feelings, no matter how subtle or uncomfortable, and learning from them. This can be very difficult, not just for men, but for women too. As someone who has prided myself in my ability to stoically ignore or “rise above” my emotions, especially painful ones, this has been especially tough for me.

        It gives me great pleasure to know about the arrival of more light. Thank you.

        By the way, I’ve been having the same trouble backing off from my creative work in recent years. After almost four years of writing two blog posts a week I felt very guilty when I went to just one. I was afraid I was losing my motivation, but really, I was just tired of pushing myself so hard. I quickly realized that I had been overly compulsive about this and it became a great relief not to have to force myself….to just relax for a change! This eventually made room for my creativity to express itself in new exciting ways, i.e. poetry, writing articles, planning new workshops, etc. It’s amazing to me how hard it still is just to trust my own processes and follow my own energy. So much still to do and learn and look forward to……

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