To the Lifeboats

I scratched a sound in the silence
A little not-nothing
to puncture eternity.

A small whimper
floating the assertion
on the infinite sea of not-me.

To swim out,
the momentary hands of readers
preventing me sinking.

Thank you for reading me,
for today I shall not drown.


3 thoughts on “To the Lifeboats

  1. “Thank you for reading me,
    for today I shall not drown.”

    Nor tomorrow either, if we who love your poems have anything to do with it!

    I dreamed this poem once…you may remember reading it in my book Dream Theatres of the Soul? It’s called “Coming Home to Feminine Spirituality.” Anyway, when I swam out into the infinite sea and got to the point where I was tired and treading water, the head of a blonde-haired woman appeared above the water. She had arrived to help me reach my true home across the water. She is an inner reality that still occasionally shows up in my dreams. I believe it was She who brought me to this place where I too know that “today I shall not drown.” Thank you for reading me. Jeanie

  2. And thus the difference in us, in the stages of understanding we may have reached of ourselves. You, Jeanie, opening yourself to the wisdom of the Dream Mother and her affirmation of your chosen path.
    And me,
    In writing just now, I am aware of the sadness, of pouring myself into the ink and casting it onto the infinite white page, awaiting acknowledgement from other souls. I find writing a lonely business, but a necessary one, bringing me closer to who I am. On the other hand, reading is when I get connected and, in particular reading you, I feel the most joy. The you that you give in your writing sets off identifications and recollections in me like little Fire-crackers. You are a gift, Jeanie.

    • Thank you, Brian.

      I love your ability to distinguish between the me that I give in my writing and the rest of me that is behind that part of me. Your ability to see the sadness behind the veil—both yours and mine—sets you and your writing apart. Yes, writing and conscious living are a lonely business. And sometimes tears must flow. I too seek acknowledgment through writing and am infinitely grateful for the readers who are my lifeboat. You are one of them.

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