dheiknumena (things revealed) 


which coloured the clay

of the Kerameikos potters,

accompanied, rolled beside the Sacred Way,

here it is, gloriously,

still watering the earth.


Dhromena (things done)


You dig, discover.

Do the work.


Digging for the new Metro.

Uncovering a stream.



Legomena (things said)


I am Persephone gathering flowers now.

Eating pomegranate seeds.


The river always ran, forgotten,



It sank to the Underworld with me.

Now re-revealed.


Hiera Hodos.

Re-make, re-model.


4 thoughts on “Eridanos

  1. Wow. I love this journey, dense with meaning, back down to the river of inspiration and new life. Are you in Greece? Blessings from the ancient Smoky Mountains.

    • Was over there again, with my son Liam, who is now going round the Peloponnese until early July . We both went down to the Kerameikos and saw the exhumed Eridanos running alongside the very beginning of the Sacred Way. To stand at the very beginning of the pilgrims way, feet on the soil, aware of the souls who had gone before, was a very special morning.

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