Two Nightmares

Last week the Nazis were busy, stripping flesh and muscle from bone,

flamethrowers burned travellers in crammed train compartments.

I watched the skins go in the heat, then the veins bubble and flare,

muscle and sinew blacken then vaporise like film on fire.
This week, they were back. They crammed in through the front door

shuffling shoulder to shoulder filling my grubby house.

A woman who presents home improvement shows on telly

supervised. Furniture got smashed and thrown out of windows.
Garbled German shouts as the rooms are trashed. The Nazis squeeze 

back out through the door, their collective boots echo down the stairs. 

The woman is appalled she has let this happen, but as I look around 

the house it is white and gleaming and through my terror think
“This is actually fine.”


3 thoughts on “Two Nightmares

  1. Wow! So the collective is giving “me” a hard time, huh? There was a point in my life when I had a series of scary Nazi dreams. If these dreams are mine I’m thinking, (when I’m awake and can view them symbolically and objectively), “Good for me! I’m individuating: questioning traditional authorities, going my own way, thinking original thoughts, making original choices, rebelling, becoming free! I must be scaring the collective to death with my divergent thinking!!!” Jeanie

    • Jeanie Raffa. Occupation , nail-on-head hitter! Have found food for thought in Rupert Sheldrake’s ideas on morphic resonance and how it overlaps in some ways with the collective unconscious .
      I’m not with it 100% yet and their are missing pieces to be fitted in there. On top of that, I’ve been banging on to others about how it feels to me that consciousness is all, even in so-called inanimate matter. If that’s what bringing the jackboots in, then bring it on!

      • I love it, and am totally with you. Rupert Sheldrake opened my mind to all kinds of “resonant” thoughts and connections that most people I know thought were weird. And consciousness in matter? How crazy is that? So be it. Bring it on! 🙂

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