In a Break with Tradition

Her majesty’s wreath

gets carefully placed

at the Cenotaph’s foot.


Followed by those of her family,

who, dressed in full regalia,

are representing the armed services.


Then one from Her Government,

followed by more from political parties

and a regiment of commonwealth nations.


The Last Post sounds.


The march past comes.


But then, in a break with tradition

she is assisted by her ladies-in-waiting,

and dons her cloak of Invisibility

and with her newly acquired powers

she goes up to war widows and orphans,

and with gloved hands does the hitherto unthinkable-

awkwardly hugging folk.


5 thoughts on “In a Break with Tradition

    • This is a twisted version of a dream I’d had the night prior to the morning I wrote it. In the dream a female commentator remarked on the queen donning the cloak, and I was arguing that it would make a better story if she then went on to invisibly hug people. I woke up feeling the hugging was the better story but that the woman was closer to the truth.

  1. Neat. I assumed this was prompted by a dream. So the female commentator saw the cloak as a symbol of hiding the compassion of one’s true self but the dream ego saw it is an opportunity for the Queen to express it? Very interesting. The cloak as a paradox: both inhibiting and freeing at the same time. I’m pondering how that would look in waking life….

    • More that the commentator seemed to feel the queen was taking an opportunity to escape, and the dream ego was fighting against this pointing out the creative possibilities of invisibility.

      • Oh, thanks for the clarification. I think I get it. More that an unconscious part of my feminine side sees my persona as a way to hide the true caring of my archetypal Queen energies (I see her as the part of us that is oriented to relating and caring) but my masculine ego sees it as a creative opportunity to manifest it? Complex!!

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