I Was a Pre-teen Dalek

At the Boys Brigade annual display

I was a Dalek. An alien life-form in

a metal skin, this time made of wood though.

I got to scream “Exterminate!” at laughing families.


I then soaked up those families applause

as I left-wheeled,


in a thick navy jumper and grubby haversack.


The highlight was,

from behind a backlit screen,

pulling sausages and a step-ladder from a patients stomach.


You should have seen it, mum.


4 thoughts on “I Was a Pre-teen Dalek

  1. I loved your surprise of the totally unexpected, but totally apt ending! It is always about her, isn’t it? That yearning was always there for me too, and though I eventually ‘replaced’ it with a yearning for attention from Daddy, then God, She was always beneath it all. Mother, our creatrix, the maternal matrix of our Garden of Eden.

    • This was a memory which popped up when reading about you and your eventual horse! Noticing that my parents never attended displays , prizegivings etc. Noticed more in sadness than anything else.

      • Yes, the sadness is still there for me too. I guess it never goes away, although I’ve found it helpful to pay attention to it now, to realize it’s coming from my sad little girl. The more I’m aware of her, the less impact she has on my attitudes and behavior. For me, mindfulness is healing.

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