Invisible lighthouses in daytime
dotted, unblinking

in the haze.


Hours I’d sit scouring the far island,

hunting, eyes squinting,

sat in the sand, knees hugged to chin.


But at night, familiar winks reappear

just where they should be,


rhythmically sparking the dark,

lighting me up inside.


5 thoughts on “Lighthouses

  1. I think our childhood fascination with the now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t aspect of light is the thrill of knowing it’s always there, seen or unseen, in light and darkness, everywhere. Like the stars. I wonder if this is an early intuition of “As above, so below. As without, so within.” The eternal flame that satisfies our hope for eternal life?

    • I spent much of childhood willing magic, revelation. Be it lighthouses or stars in the daytime sky. I remember my mother teaching me how to stop pendulums (pendula?) in clocks by willpower alone. (Can’t do it anymore though!). The possibility of direct connection with otherness was always there. I think now if her life had not been blighted by attachment to a religion which went contrary to her best instincts she would have been a happier soul.
      As without, so within Jeanie .

      • Interesting! I spent my childhood willing the same. I tried to hypnotize myself so as not to feel the pain of the dentist’s drill, bend spoons with my mind, see into the black universe beneath my closed eyelids, etc. Now I want to try to stop a pendulum with willpower. (Notice how handily I sidestepped the issue of the plural spelling?) 🙂

      • I’d tell myself, “It’s only pain. So what? It’s only pain.” I think I believed that totally accepting it would help. Maybe thinking of it that way was akin to dissociation….you know, like people who lose touch with their bodies when terrible things are happening to them… but actually, it did help. Maybe because I didn’t really try to leave my body; I just accepted the pain but told myself I didn’t need to let it bother me. The mind works in strange ways, doesn’t it?

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