On shifting shores, the mermen writhe
sluggish, drugged from hand-held-high
blind pewtered cups where oceans spill
to the salt-wet sand, and swither, swill

the love-drunk sky’s caressing rains,
(cold ecstasy in spittle comes)
come permeate the mermen’s wetskin
cored by the howl of the downpour’s drum.

Undinal dirges swathe the air,
the airs come swirling from the deep:
Möbius tunes freed by the spume
wind endlessly, bring wind borne sleep.

As Morpheus lulls the sleeping sands,
the mermen slip to night and slither
back to sea, to dream, to live and
size the stars through shimmering silver.


5 thoughts on “Wetskin

  1. Wow. It sounds as if the Ocean Muse has taken a shine to you. I love the heady music of Her undinal dirges and Mobius tunes. You’ve captured it beautifully here. 🙂

    • Jeanie, Someone’s taken a shine! A bear from last nights dream….if you’ll forgive me, here it is:

      I walk out from the back garden of my house in the village, cross a dirt path walking in the sun through fields with buttercups in the grass, slightly up hill to woods. A large bear approaches me at the edge of the woods and walks with me on all fours looking at me occasionally , accepting, friendly.
      We must have walked for some time, for it is night, and we have lit a camp fire. We sit having tea. I stretch out and prop myself up on one elbow. He mirrors this. I realise that I too am a bear. We are profoundly connected. I get up, as does he. We hug, shake hands and I walk calmly into the cave to sleep. He fondly watches me. On wakening, thus felt hugely important.i felt slightly melancholic but some odd satisfaction from it all. Any thoughts O wise one!

      • Wow. This feels like a Big dream to me. It seems to speak to some sort of a transition, like a conscious return to, relationship with, my instinctual Self with whom/which I am now on very good terms…..again, consciously! Of course, as always, what follows are only what my associations would be if it were my dream:

        As I think you know, Bear is, for Jung, an ancient god-image, a symbol of the Self. The fact that “I” am not afraid of this archetypal dangerous beast is huge.

        The image of the camp fire, a circular arrangement between us that is filled with fire, i.e. spirit (also a referral to sacred energies), is gripping. There’s light in the midst of darkness that brings me warmth, comfort, and a sense of easy companionship and camaraderie: I’m enjoying a spiritual awareness that indwells my dark, unconscious self.

        Walking into the cave (a place of dark mystery and rebirth; I also associate it with deep inner reflection and contemplation). Joseph Campbell said, “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” Wow. A sort of surrender, a fearless, conscious, willing entry into the unknown cave with the bear looking on, especially as the last image of the dream, tells me where my energy is going.

        The waking melancholy feels meaningful too. Yes, in developing a relationship with Bear and stepping into a new mystery, I’m entering a new unknown phase of my life. Naturally, this means that at the same time, I’m leaving an old part of myself behind. Good reason for melancholy, perhaps nostalgia, feelings associated with “threshold”…a liminal space I’m inhabiting at the moment. I have left the tried and true, but am not yet quite sure I can replace it with anything else. And yet I am willing to cross this threshold, and the dream says this is a good and comforting place for me, and that it holds the treasure I seek……

        A wonderful dream, Brian. Thank you for entrusting it to me. Blessings to you on your beautiful ongoing adventure!

      • I could kiss you, Jeanie! Thanks for your insights, many of which are ringing true here. My heart was thumping like a big base drum on thinking and writing about the dream. The sadness, yes it felt like a little death, but a serenity with it too. I feel an energy coming from the dream, and it’s got me chuckling like a little kid.

  2. i love this dream. Your response has me chuckling too. That energy you feel, that’s the creative fire you sit by and serve, the wellspring (forgive the mixture of metaphors but both water and fire apply here) of creative energy that you can use to create a work of art of your life.

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