La Pelouse

La mer fractale de verdure surprenante ,

clipsé et de- contextualisée

à ce bateau dans une bouteille :

soustraites , aplati et réduit,

avant de re- érection rassis


de la campagne apprivoisée .

Le désert une mémoire pâle

à travers le verre en toute sécurité de la civilisation


4 thoughts on “La Pelouse

  1. I had to work for this one: found a French translation site, read it several times. Very cool. I think I get what you mean by your title,”The Peeling”….at least insofar as what it would mean for me….although I don’t know if “getting it” is anywhere near as important as feeling it. But if my projection—i.e. looking at an object/image like a ship in a bottle and peeling away the layers of sublimation that gave rise to the creation of it—is anywhere near the mark, this poem feels powerfully resonant. And brilliant, actually. I’m always amazed by your psychological depth and your ability to capture a profound insight so artfully. Wow.

    • It’s a very rough translation of an old poem of mine called ‘the holiday house lawn”. La pelouse being an equivalent for lawn. Every once in a while I try this, just to see how it looks, sounds, etc. If you type in holiday house lawn in the search box for the site the original should pop up.
      I shouldn’t be giving you clues though, it’s more fun making you work!
      Hope you had a splendiferous birthday!

  2. The Lawn? The translation said “The Peeling.” Peeling? That really made me think: peeling the layers of the psyche off like an onion until you reach the core? Made sense to me!! 🙂 Now I’m more curious than ever. I’ll come back to this and look for ‘the holiday house lawn’ when I have more time. I have to get ready for another birthday dinner now; this one with dear friends. And champagne. It has turned out to be a splendiferous birthday, thank you. 🙂

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