Blueing over,

the morning glinting

as an intensifying dream, the sky

all swoll in the full bright.
Between spaces

birdsong sharpening silvergold,
everything young.

Eyes spark: a new day beams.
A skeletal hand against the sun.


2 thoughts on “Newness

  1. The last line stopped me in my tracks and then I remembered holding my own hand up to the sun as a kid. I liked seeing the red color of it in “ex ray vision”. Grand poem Brian. Evocative, with the colors and sounds of experiencing a beautiful day. Enough to carry me away….

  2. The past few days poems have all been part of decluttering. Most of them have sat, in one form or another, unfinished on the Pages app on my iPad for months or even years. I spent some time trying to knock them into shape and then set them free.
    I hope you’ve not been carried away too far, it’d be a helluva walk home.

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