Just a Blue Dress Dream (part 2)

She stood off to the right in White impersonal gloves

and a dress of blue bri-nylon motherhood.

In my peripheral vision

she flickered and multiplied

a very sixties Queen.

I knew she had been dead

because live folk don’t do that.


There were four of us to start with

In a furnitureless house.

Me and two men. At an open window

A fellow worker I wasn’t keen on ,

The me of the dream and an unknown third guy.

Her, off to the side.


I’d been tapping the fellow worker with a white plastic hook

He got irritated asked me to stop. I said all you had to do was ask.


I pick up this third unknown guy in a fireman’s lift and am carrying him towards a picture of a funeral parlour. As I get closer to it the picture becomes more and more real.


The queen/mother figure is overseeing this seemingly impassively but I feel she approves.




This dream, I had two years ago. I had figured the bit about tapping the irritated worker was about me considering retirement and “all I had to do was ask”, give myself permission to do so.


The unknown faceless character puzzled me, but now, retired and two years on,I have a really strong feeling he is an unknown part of me, perhaps a Shadow being actively taken towards this picture on the wall of a funeral parlour. As I carry him there, the picture turns to a living moving, real three dimensional scene. This feeling I now have is the dream was telling me, but I didn’t see then, you will retire, you will open up aspects of your feminine nature which are many and still unclear, you will bring Unknown parts of you to the surface(the Unknown guy) and as your understanding from reading improves (the painting) that understanding will become real as opposed to just two-dimensional.

It seems and strongly feels like a message of encouragement for inner work.


4 thoughts on “Just a Blue Dress Dream (part 2)

  1. Hi Brian…dreams like this carry so many layers of information. I always feel fortunate when they come my way, which isn’t often anymore. Painting, or any form of artful expression, works the same way for me. Certainly poems…all like puzzles to be looked at closely, resolved, solved…all the pieces finding their place. Thing is…they change. Almost as if animated by self reflection. As I plunk down into the layers of meaning…my god, some dreams have been with me for years revealing themselves. A few times I’ve wondered, “who is the dreamer here”?

  2. A marvelous little poem about a fascinating Big dream. Your interpretation certainly resonates with me. I love it that you’ve carried it with you and mulled it over for so long. The more I do that, the more healing meaning I find. And I love your current feeling about it as “encouragement for inner work.” Certainly it piqued your curiosity, and in so doing, succeeded in enhancing your understanding. Aren’t dreams the most magical things? Thank you for sharing this with us. Jeanie

    • When I was contemplating retirement , it was the colleague and the hook in the dream that I focused on, looking back however I began to get strangely strong feelings about this unknown third male I was carrying towards the picture of the funeral parlour. That and the lady in the blue dress, who I now know looked and dressed like our queen in the sixties and again a very, very strong feeling of impersonal motherhood overseeing and tacitly approving of the action. I had started to write about her when I got taken over by the rest of it!

      • I love, love your association with the Queen Mother archetype overseeing and tacitly approving of the action. That seems very significant to me. If I had this dream I would see her as the central figure. From what I know about male psychology, the appearance of the positive anima—especially one as beloved as the Queen Mother—in a man’s dream suggests a major transition of the masculine ego into a more open-minded and holistic way of viewing the contents of our psyche: a very healthy and healing integration of opposites. Blessings on this newest phase of your journey. It is a pleasure knowing you. Jeanie

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