The Sun King, Setting

There goes the Sun King, setting.

For much of my life the Old Man refusing to die

The great I Am that I Am, that I’m not.

The Age of Ego passing over.


The maleness, physicality birthing insubstantiality,

Bedding down, drifting to dream,

Succumbing to Spirit:

The breath that’s in everything


Ghosting into understanding.


Where all meets nothing and both are the same;

The Pleroma game, hide-and-seek in full view.




So here are some words for where we are now-

The Differentiated here/there

In parallel with Oneness.

The Mystery’s breath is Everywhere



8 thoughts on “The Sun King, Setting

    • And thank YOU, Susan! I’ve never read any Vedic literature, having only recently dipped my toes in the waters of Taoism and Gnosticism courtesy of our friend CGJ. the concept and approach of “neti,neti” seems to exactly reflect what I’m ineptly banging on about! I’ll try to follow this up and broaden my horizons. x

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