Still Life with Violence

The sky smashes

blue down

on surface-thin sea.


Horizon evens

the up and under.


A trawler chugs blindly

lugging itself

out of sight.


A seabird bashes

through to a cold underworld


killing fish: thrashing



Still on the shore

slow waves

lap and lap.


4 thoughts on “Still Life with Violence

  1. Oh my. I love this. The seeing of both sides, the awareness of one’s dualistc thinking and the ability to accept and integrate the opposites into a neither-nor oneness. Such a well-wrought poem that speaks to your unusually high (or is it deep?) 🙂 level of self-awareness… all of yours are, actually. 😊

    • It’s been a long time coming, Jeanie. My eagle dream helped to give me a kick into action. I’ve had six months of read read read since my scare at new year. It was a matter of patiently waiting for the words to come again. Hope things are moving with your own work 😎

      • I thinh patience is highly underrated in this fast-paced world. But as you know, it is essential for psychological and spiritual growth, which, as Aesop also knew, are acquired at a turtle’s pace. (I couldn’t very well say “at a snail’s pace” to you, could I?) I love it that your eagle dream brought you affirmation and guidance. You appear to be settling in to retirement. I’m glad to know this. It can’t have been an easy transition. This writing project of mine is a bit daunting, but I too am learning to trust the process and be patient, and it’s coming along nicely so far.

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