Unshone Eye


I took a stiletto,

rammed it, right in-

slick shiny steel jabbed

to the gut of understanding.


Dug it in, deep,

twisted it

to the bowels of recall.


Manufactured memories

spilled out,


messily red,


unhinging themselves

from my cataracted

version of me.


Splayed freely, slimy persona

awkwardly gasping

strangled by new facts.



7 thoughts on “Unshone Eye

  1. I hear you in my heart and brain Brian…been wrestling with the angels of renovation myself….never tried the stiletto but have put the boot in more than once along with some nasty name calling…never worked for me…art does though, and Monty Python…

  2. I’m glad it’s taken me awhile to get over here Brian…I’m enjoying the dialogue in the comments immensely and can now more appreciate the verse …which is most thorough! Every word Brian, packs a punch or stab or jab…. but impeccable like a dedicated and skilled surgeon. Masterful but repugnant in the best sense. Whew!

    • And if I ever get around to publishing a third collection “masterful but repugnant” should go on the blurb!
      I think it’s the Scots upbringing that has me so fond of the guttural kick in a line.

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